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Kahlena's Sims
kahlena. 28. poland. leo. graphic designer. internet, r.e.m. & monty python addict. sensitive. shy. impatient.

And hopeless Sims lover. :)
You can ask me anything and hopefully I'll be able to answer. :)
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Anonymous whispered:
Hey, Kahlena! where can I get these wallpapers? Thank you :) /post/82703112608/sunny-strongly-inspired-by-shanni-bo-banni

Hello! :)

These wallpapers are made by Vimpse and can be found here.

Thank you! :) Her dress is by fakepeeps7 and can be found here.

Sunny - strongly inspired by shanni-bo-banni. :)

Here’s Sim I was asked to upload earlier today. She’s packed with all cc and preview is included in zip.

DOWNLOAD | Bodyshop preview

Thank you for your answers. :)

I’ll put her for download later this evening.

And surprise surprise. It’s actually Ruby Grace, but with different make up and hairstyle. :D I really love her in that look.


Abigail’s room.

Anonymous whispered:
hi, where do you get all your hair from?

Hello! I actually checked all my hair and here’re results. My hair folder is a mix of random retextures, but my favourites are those by Lilith.

Remi/Simgaroop’s textures:

 agent carlos, selenaq13 (here and here), sarcastic-pizza, skoogy (here and here), vadie (here and here), poppet, joedy_76, simgaroop, voleste, adalaemay, simsarenotfood, dhearest, phobia, zoompha, hafiseazale, remi

Lilith’s textures:

inzeykeoni, mork, lilith, vimpse, janually

Pooklet’s textures:

almighty hat, trapping

Mixed textures:

allisas, rented-space, nyren, garden of shadows dowload section

And of course tones of beautiful hair can be found at GOS’ events.

Who’s that girl? :)

sims3simblr whispered:
Hi there, I love your blog. I just recently installed sims 2 and was wondering where you get your furniture from? :)


Hello and thank you! :)

Get ready for MAJOR link dump. So, these are the creators I like the most, but obviously I have a lots of things and don’t remember everything.

veranka, buggybooz, ohbehave, clutter-a-holic, adele, hafiseazale, around the sims 2, ja, amovitamsim, trapping, m0xxa, pocci, holy simoly, awesims, mustluvcatz, gwenke, plasticbox, honeywell, leefish, blake_boy, phoenix_phaerie, suicide lover sims, hugelunatic

Most of things curiousb created are also my must haves (objects, recolors, wall and floor coverings). :)

From the sims resource:

mutske, living dead girl, mirake, murano, msbarrows, dot

Also you should definitely check Garden of Shadows and their downloads section, as well as topics about christmas in july, advent, treasure hunt, valentine, secret santa events and maxis match themes.

What else… I can’t live without conversions from LifeStories, so I recommend you this database. You’ll find there lots of nice MM objects and other stuff. :)

This database is also very helpful, because it contains conversions from TS3.

And for some long nights I recommend you to visit TrappingCrushes and browse there objects tag.

Tired already? I actually got even more links! :D

Recolors are also very important in my game. Below you’ll find links to my fav creators:

selenaq13 (here and here), poppet, sims 2 palette, shastakiss (here and here), slyndsey (here and here), vimpse, allisas, anna, charterzard, lua

Ok, I think I’ll stop and I hope that this will help you. :)

Happy Simming!

Anonymous whispered:
Hej. ;) Na początku chciałbym powiedzieć, że tworzysz świetnych simów i masz wspaniałe domy. :3 Szkoda tylko, że tak rzadko coś wstawiasz, ale mam nadzieję, że za jakiś czas to się zmieni. :) No, ale przechodząc do sedna sprawy, chciałbym się zapytać skąd masz to piękne czarne łóżko z maleńkiego, wiejskiego domku? Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź. :) Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego dnia! ;)

W poście, w którym można pobrać wiejski domek, umieściłam dokładne linki do źródeł - wystarczyło sprawdzić :) Łóżko znajdziesz tutaj.

Bardzo dziękuję za miłe słowa i również pozdrawiam! :)