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Kahlena's Sims
kahlena. 28. poland. leo. graphic designer. internet, r.e.m. & monty python addict. sensitive. shy. impatient.

And hopeless Sims lover. :)
You can ask me anything and hopefully I'll be able to answer. :)
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I’m going on vacations tomorrow, so I won’t post anything for about two weeks.

Take care everyone and happy Simming! :)

I decided to upload Annik too. :) She’s packed with CC and noCC version. Previews included.

DOWNLOAD | Bodyshop preview (a, b)

I think it’s from here. :)

Annik (stronly inspired by Alleliua).

Here’s Mike Fairbanks ready for download. He’s packed with CC and noCC version and previews are included in zip.

DOWNLOAD | Bodyshop preview (a, b)

Anonymous whispered:
Hi! Your sims are so cute! would you mind putting Mike Fairbanks up for download?

sure. :) I’ll upload him asap.

I think I won’t put it for download, sorry. As usual, it contains a lot of stuff and it’s impossible for me to check everything.

But I’m “wcif friendly”, so you can ask me anything and maybe I’ll be able to help you.

Ophelia Nigmos.

Olive Specter.

Olive’s bedroom.